New Osteo Alive 2.0 Formula With 120 Capsules (30 Days Servings) -
Support Healthy Bones With Our Improved Formula!

Holistic Health Labs Bone Building Formula
Osteo Alive
"I am very happy with Osteo Alive. I started taking it after a stress fracture scare, and thought I was at a higher risk of osteoporosis. I came across this video and was fascinated by the science behind this supplement. Also, being vegan, I am picky about where the ingredients come from. I showed this to my nutritionist to make sure it was what I needed and he immediately approved it as he said the ingredients and dosage used were perfect. "
~ Patty from Colorado

Patented Veri-Te™ Resveratrol Ingredient That Improves Bone Density

All-Natural Ingredients to Help Build Stronger Bones and Reduce the Risk of Fractures

Best Absorption with Organic Plant-Based Calcium

Protect your bones with our Osteo Alive. Osteo Alive can aid in improving overall bone health and eliminate the risk of thinning bones, osteoporosis, and other bone diseases. Simply take a capsule of Osteo Alive with your meal to experience the wonderful health benefits.

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Osteo Alive Supplement Label

Scientific Advisory Board
Holistic Health Labs Scientific Advisory Board is a team of medical and alternative healthcare practitioners who play an integral role for the education of our customers as well as the research, development, and testing of each Holistic Health Labs product. This team has been put together to ensure quality, delve into the scientific research of each ingredient used in our formula, and offer relevant insights to further improve our existing products and newly developed formula.

Adam Stewart, DMP, DABR
American Board of
Radiology Certified
Drew Sutton, MD FACS
American Board of
Otolaryngology Certified
Gianguido Coffa, PhD
Senior Scientist &
Biotech Consultant